Reasons 9 PC MPPs absent for Lisa Thompson’s PMB on wind moratorium


Update: Title modified after publishing. Originally “Nine ON PCs absent for Lisa Thompson’s moratorium re wind energy PMB.

Post starts here: The Ontario Wind Resistance blog has the legislative procedures for March 8th, 2012 when PC MPP Lisa Thompson introduced her Private Member’s Bill (PMB) for first reading in the Ontario Legislature. The focus of the PMB was to put a moratorium on wind energy in Ontario.

There are 37 in the PC Caucus including its leader Tim Hudak as shown on this CBC election results link.  So, given that 28 PC MPPs voted in favour of Thompson’s bill, that leaves nine who did not vote. However, we should probably not jump to conclusions about why some PC MPPs did not vote for Thompson’s bill. For example, on that very same afternoon, PC Leader Tim Hudak introduced his own PMB to end wind energy subsidies. [Update: Here is a link to an open letter from Lisa Thompson in the Huron Bulletin News.  As Thompson explains, some of her PC MPP colleagues were not present for her vote because her PMB allocation had been moved up. Meaning some had previous commitments. PC Leader Tim Hudak was in Ottawa for example and one Member had a sick child in hospital.]

In any event, we do know the 28 PC MPPs who voted “Aye” for Thompson’s bill were:

Ted Arnott, Robert Bailey, Toby Barrett, Ted Chudleigh, Steve Clark, Garfield Dunlop, Christine Elliott, Victor Fedeli, Ernie Hardeman, Rod Jackson, Sylvia Jones, Rob Leone, Jack MacLaren, Lisa MacLeod, Monte McNaughton, Rob E. Milligan, Julia Munro, Rick Nicholls, John O’Toole, Jerry J. Ouellette, Randy Pettapiece, Laurie Scott, Todd Smith, Lisa M. Thompson, Bill Walker, Jim Wilson, John Yakabuski, and Jeff Yurek.

The nine not present were: Michael Harris, Randy Hillier, Tim Hudak, Frank Klees, Jim McDonell, Jane McKenna, Norm Miller, Peter Shurman, and Elizabeth Witmer.  [See update above in the second paragraph regarding why some PC MPPs could not be present.]

However, to any PC caucus member who reads this [no matter what their reason for missing the vote], symbolism matters. So, keep in mind the message you send when you are not present for PMB votes, particularly those related to the Dalton McGuinty government’s wind folly. People in rural Ontario voted for you last October because they saw you as their advocates. Don’t let them down!!  Plus, for you to win a majority government you will have to prove you can do much better than the McGuinty Liberals — something that should not be very hard given Ontario has become their “green dictatorship” — a reality even those in the large cities should soon realize.

Endnote: For those who want to read about my interview with Tim Hudak last Friday, click here.

5 thoughts on “Reasons 9 PC MPPs absent for Lisa Thompson’s PMB on wind moratorium

  1. I’m happy to see my MPP was there to vote for Thompson’s PMB, he never disappoints, great constituency man as well, his name is John Yakabuski.

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      • Here is a link for everyone who has already posted on this thread. It is an open letter from Lisa Thompson and shows why we should never jump to conclusions about what goes on federal or provincial legislatures. An MPP colleague had given her PMB spot to Thompson which meant the vote came up earlier than expected. Hudak was in Ottawa but is 100% supportive. Others had previous commitments. One had a sick child in hospital. And so on.

        In fact, I have read very hateful comments on other blogs and print media sites about the PC MPPs who were not present — without first finding out why. My thanks for a regular reader here for finding this source. It is very appreciated and shows we are, at the end of the day, a team.

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    • As did my MPP (Ted Arnott) … but where does Hudak stand on this issue. Unless Hudak gets his act togther , we are looking at another Liberal government next time around.

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      • Brian — Read my update and this open letter from Lisa Thompson. Hudak was 100% behind Thompson’s bill and has one of his own to end energy subsidies. Because the PMB vote was moved up, he had to be in Ottawa. I’m afraid that I, like so many others, jumped to the wrong conclusions.

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